Upcoming events – January – May 2022

We can now announce our programme of Aberdeen Classical Association Zoom talks for this semester.

We’ll be sticking with the Tuesday evening slot, 5-30 to 7pm fortnightly. For joining details please email aberdeenshirecas@gmail.com

18th Jan – David Levene (NYU), ‘Livy, Orosius, and the Rebuilding of Augustan Rome’

1st Feb – Naomi Scott (University of Nottingham), ’Laughter in fragments: Greek comedy in ancient encyclopaedias’

15th February – Peter Kelly (National University of Ireland Galway), ‘‘Classics and Climate Change? Giving Voice to the Natural World’

1st March – Edith Hall (Durham University), ‘Achilles’ several shields and some of their afterlives’

15th March- Stephen Harrison (University of Oxford), ‘George Buchanan as neo-Latin poet’

29th March – Jane Grogan (University College, Dublin), ‘The Cambridge Greek circle and the “old noble Persians”: sixteenth-century encounters’.

26th April – Elizabeth DePalma Digeser (University of California, Santa Barbara), title tbc

10th May – Luke Houghton (Royal Holloway), ‘John Ruskin as reader of Virgil’