Upcoming events – January – May 2021

We can now announce our programme of Aberdeen Classical Association Zoom talks for this semester.

We’ll be sticking with the Tuesday evening slot, 5-30 to 7pm fortnightly.

26th January – John Wilkins (University of Exeter) – ‘Food in Ancient Art’ (Sign Up)

9th Feb – Heather James (University of Southern California) – ‘Ovid in the Hands of Women: Milton’s Eve and Wharton’s Julia’ (Sign Up)

23rd Feb – Tim Whitmarsh (University of Cambridge) – title tbc

9th March – Stephen Hinds (University of Washington, Seattle) – title tbc

23rd March – Susan Deacy (University of Roehampton) – ‘Athena: Goddess of Nothing’ (Sign Up)

27th April – Thomas Alexander Husøy (Swansea University) – ‘River gods
and their symbolic meaning for identities in Central Greece’ (Sign Up)

11th May – Tom Geue (University of St. Andrews) – ‘Rush Job: Slavery and Brevity in the Early Roman Principate’ (Sign Up)

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